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Charged with a juvenile offense in Tampa?

If your family member is facing juvenile offenses, a Tampa criminal defense attorney can be the first step to protecting their rights and their future. Juvenile offenses are committed by individuals under the age of eighteen. Although minors, juveniles can still face serious legal consequences, including conviction and arrest. Unfortunately, this criminal record can continue to affect them well into their adult lives.

Juvenile Offenses & Traffic Violations

Juvenile in handcuffs

Juvenile offenses are considered adult offenses in traffic court. This is important to keep in mind because many traffic violations are punishable with jail time. Although uncommon, a minor could be sentenced to jail for offenses such as driving without a license, driving on a suspended license, and driving while under the influence (DUI).

If a minor receives a conviction for a misdemeanor traffic ticket, he or she will have a criminal record, affecting their ability to attend college, receive financial aid, and get a job.

Why have legal representation for juvenile offenses?

It's important for any young adult accused of juvenile charges to seek the advice of a Tampa criminal defense attorney. The outcome of the case could have long-term negative ramifications. It is much easier to avoid these legal consequences before the case has been resolved by consulting with an attorney as early as possible.

Attorney Jackson Hilliard represents young adults facing juvenile offenses in Tampa and across the Tampa Bay area. He is also a traffic attorney with experience in defending juveniles with driver's license issues or criminal charges revolving around traffic tickets, driving with a suspended license or driving under the influence. If you have a family member facing juvenile charges, protect their rights and reputation. Learn more about the firm's past victories by reviewing our Case Results!

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