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If you've been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), retaining the service of a capable lawyer who can provide the support and legal counsel you deserve is critical for the successful outcome of your case. At Hilliard Law, P.L., our Tampa DUI lawyer can work hard on your behalf to produce favorable results.

Attorney Jackson Hilliard can do all of the following:

  • Thoroughly investigate the evidence against you
  • Help you understand your legal rights and options
  • Attend and represent you during your DMV hearing
  • Find the best way to reinstate your driver's license
Questions about your DUI case? Visit our DUI FAQ.

Our criminal defense firm will work closely with you at every step of the legal process to ensure that your concerns are addressed and that your rights are protected. Attorney Hilliard can speak with you about the things that might happen after your arrest, with your career, your family, and your driver's license. He will craft an effective course of action for your DUI defense.

Hard-Hitting Representation for Real Results

We're proud of the training that sets us apart from other competitors and allows us to go above and beyond for our clients. Not only has Attorney Hilliard achieved a certificate of completion in NHSTA DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, but he has attended the National College of DUI Defense. These experiences have greatly expanded his knowledge of DUI law and effective defenses for drunk driving charges.

Our firm is equipped to handle numerous DUI-related matters, including:

DMV hearings
DUI appeals
DUI penalties
Felony DUI
Suspended/revoked license
Out of State DUI

No matter what you're facing, we want to give you your best chance at a successful outcome. Our firm combines training, experience, and talent to deliver the aggressive advocacy our clients need. With so much on the line, you can trust the team at Hilliard Law, P.L.

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